About us

Bunda FM is registered as Bunda FM Limited with Certificate of Incorporation No.112581 of 2014. The radio is under the Trusteeship of Third Millennium Peace Initiative Foundation(TMPIF). Thestation commenced its broadcasting activities in August, 2016. The station is located in Bunda district in Mara region. Our programs targeted and aim to a wide range of audiences whereby we inform,educate and entertain them.


To provide efficient services, reliable and unbiased information for the development of both the people and the station to enable them grow together.


To enlighten and sensitize community for facilitation of economic, social and environmental development.


The radio covers the whole region of Mara and part of other neighbouring regions, such as part of Simiyu, Mwanza, Kagera, Shinyanga, Tabora, Singida and Katavi regions with a population of not less than 5,000,000. The station has a very strong signal of transmission whereby we received both urban and remote areas.


Our major frequency is 92.1 FM, whereby we cover regions of Mara, Simiyu, Mwanza, Geita, Kagera, Shinyanga, Singida, Tabora and Katavi regions.


Our station has decided to use ‘‘NGURUMO YA JAMII’’ or a ‘‘COMMUNITY’S ROAR’’ which symbolise that the station is not for individual but for all people to express their socio-economic issues which they normally encounter when fulfilling their day to day livelihood through our structured programs.


Fairness, Professionalism, and Accuracy. This enables the staff to carry out their duties and reporting in fairness to all issues of public concern with accuracy based on professional ways of journalism.


Bunda FM 92.1 Ngurumo ya jamii is specifically situated at Bunda district in Mara region in the western part of Lake Victoria.


The station uses Kiswahili as a broadcasting language, the national language which is widely spoken to most of the people in the country.


Bunda FM is operating its programs 24hours/7days and our day start 5.00 am and ends at 5.00 am in the next day.


Dissemination of educative programs through provision of accuracy flow of information, timely with fairness.

Filling the gap of development programs by producing informative and entertainment programs.

Broadcasting programs based on social, economic, cultural, political, religious, entertainment, current affairs, cross-cutting issues and all issues affecting the targeted community livelihood.


Bunda FM programming is targeted to a wide market group such as youth, teenagers, adults,professionals and elderly age groups. The programs offered by Bunda FM Radio include:


Local, national and international news, local news and events cover Bunda District and the neighboring districts in Mara region as well as other regions in the country. However, International news and events are shared from DEUTCH WELLE (DW)to provide our listeners with a full package of news every day.


Bunda FM Radio connects with DEUTCH WELLE (DW) in broadcasting international news everyday Morning, Afternoon and Evening time.


Daily local sports, national, international sports news (football, netball, Basketball,swimming, etc). In local reporting of sports events Bunda fm, uses mobile digital, out broadcasting devices and smartphones.


Women and Youth empowerment programs, entrepreneurship skills programs, programs on empowerment against gender based violence.


All kinds of musical programs (Jazz, zoukh, Rhumba, Bolingo, Bongo flava, Taarab, Traditional/local music ets).


Educative and entertaining programs for kids from 3 years to 14 years old.


We cover both Christians and Muslims.


In the above commitments we value to uphold the highest professional broadcasting standards and integrity at all times. Furthermore, we are committed to disseminate and deliver information accurately and efficiently.


Like any other F.M. station in the world, 92.1 Bunda FM Radio is a commercial radio station aiming largely at making profit from its services.


Our quality radio programs are designed to suit all (age, gender, ethnicity, race, education level) stratum from childhood to adulthood.